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Scientific Studies

Dolphin Quest Is Dedicated to the Scientific Study of Marine Mammals and Preservation of Ocean Ecosystems

Importance of Science

As part of our commitment to global stewardship, Dolphin Quest is dedicated to the scientific study of marine mammals and to the preservation of our ocean ecosystems.

Dolphin Quest proudly contributes significant funding for field studies, staff expertise in the field and on-site, as well as involving the Dolphin Quest animals in responsible non-invasive scientific studies at our sites.

Many of the projects sponsored by Dolphin Quest are associated with renowned scientists from universities and organizations around the world.

These studies provide new scientific information for a better understanding and conservation of marine mammals.

In addition to marine mammal studies, Dolphin Quest supports conservation and public education initiatives in the local communities where Dolphin Quest resides.

These include organizing beach and stream clean-ups, hosting school groups, and training representatives from NOAA’s Cetacean Stranding Response Network to name a few.

Dolphin Quest Donations Towards Scientific Research

In addition to providing financial and staffing support for crucial wild dolphin and whale studies, we also share our locations and animals with world-class scientists, providing them with critically important controlled research environments.

Much of the groundbreaking science that takes place at our Dolphin Quest locations would be virtually impossible to conduct in the wild.

Dolphin Quest has donated over $4,200,000 to support scientific studies since 1988 and will continue to support various projects that make a difference in the lives of all marine animals, our ocean, and our Earth.

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