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Dolphin Quest’s expert animal behaviorists do an amazing job training our dolphins, but do you wonder if fish can be trained?

At Dolphin Quest Hawaii, we are working on some amazing fish training in our new tide pool habitat. Right now, we have a gorgeous porcupine puffer fish, a very hungry snapper, a couple of lined butterfly fish, and some very cool goat fish that are all learning new behaviors. Just like the dolphins, training fish starts with trust. Our multispecies trainers work day in and day out to make sure the fish trust them enough to approach them. From there, the relationship allows our trainers to teach the fish to stay in one place, feed from their hands, come when called (“recall”), and so much more! All of this has one common goal: to allow us to better take care of our animals with their voluntary help.

So if you are snowed in and staring at your gold fish, don’t think about how bored you are, start training them! If you manage to make your way out of the snow and the cold, come visit us at Dolphin Quest Hawaii and see how the fish in our tide pool are doing with their new training. While you are here, you can also check out the blacktip reef sharks and the dolphins, just reserve a program online.