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news_ourworldoceans.0615sm6.1.15 – Fight Ocean Pollution – Become the Solution – Join Our World Oceans Month and create a #DebrisFreeSea!

Join members of the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums (AMMPA) in the social media campaign to raise awareness of marine debris and motivate people around the world to clean up and prevent more trash from entering our world’s oceans. LEARN MORE

3.30.15 – Dolphin Quest In The News – WSMV-TV NashvilleMake-A-Wish Monday – Jenaya

news_ammpa.sealion0305.sm3.5.15 – Urgent – Hundreds of Starving Sea Lions Need Your Help!

An overwhelming number of malnourished sea lion pups are showing up on the California coastline.  The stranding centers and marine mammal rescue response teams are stretched to the limit with available resources.  They need public help as they diligently work to rescue and rehabilitate these starving animals with a goal of releasing them when they are healthy. LEARN HOW YOU CAN HELP!

news.careertips.0115.sm1.28.15 – Top 5 Tips for Breaking into the Marine Mammal Training Field

Find out a Dolphin Quest trainer’s top tips for starting a career as an animal trainer. READ MORE

news_careerevent.0115sm1.23.15 – Animal Trainer Career Workshop – Resume Review & Interview Skills

Let us help you land a dream job in the animal training field by enhancing your resume writing and interview skills. LEARN MORE

news.hcc.whaletails.1014.sm10.20.14 – Whale Tail Cookies Support Conservation

Honolulu Cookie Company’s delicious new whale tail cookies support Hawaiian whale conservation through the Pacific Marine Life Foundation. Buy online & in stores

news.travelagents.0814.sm8.20.14 – Dolphin Quest Launches Preferred Travel Agent Program

Receive an upfront saving on all Dolphin Quest bookings by becoming a Dolphin Quest Preferred Travel Agent. You’ll have access to easily reserve our most popular dolphin and marine life interactive programs. APPLY NOW!

5.30.14 – Dolphin Quest In The News – Hawaii News Now – Dolphin Quest Interview on ‘Sunrise on the road’

news.dolphinshortfilm.0514.5.19.14 – Dolphin Quest In the News –  Understanding Dolphins – What You Should Know

Dolphin Quest is featured in a fascinating new documentary called “Understanding Dolphins – What You Should Know”. This short film highlights the importance of the critical research contributions of facilities like Dolphin Quest that provide researchers with controlled environments and trained animals for data collection that would be impossible in the wild. The documentary explores how dolphins in human care continue to inspire the next generations of environmental stewards. (Dr. Jay Sweeney and Julie Rocho-Levine of Dolphin Quest have cameos starting at 10:18.)  Watch Now!

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dqb_kandice.web.sm2 7.2.15 – Dolphin Quest Bermuda Celebrates with Kandice
Local Bermudian visits during 11-day birthday celebration. This month, we welcomed a very special visitor named Kandice Douglas-Young. LEARN MORE


2.11.15 – Storytime at Dolphin Quest Bermuda

Young audiences will love these delightful dolphin tales and entertaining stories of the sea. LEARN MORE

news_dqb.couplesspecial.0215.sm2.4.15 – February Events at Dolphin Quest Bermuda

February is full of excitement at Dolphin Quest Bermuda, from our weekend shows to couples specials, we have something for everyone! LEARN MORE

dqb.wkshows.1112.sm12.29.14 – Weekend Dolphin Shows are Back!

Dolphin Quest Bermuda’s dazzling dolphin shows are back on Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm starting this month through March 30, 2015. READ MORE

news_dqb_calfupdate.1214.sm12.22.14 – Bermuda Dolphin Baby Update!

On March 31, 2014, and April 5, 2014, Dolphin Quest Bermuda welcomed two amazing additions to our family. Bailey gave birth to her daughter Brighton first, and Ely gave birth to her baby girl Devon a few days later. Both calves are now a little over 8 months old and learning all sorts of new skills. Just like children, every dolphin calf is unique, and while Brighton has already acquired a taste for fish, Devon has shown great interest in basketballs and hula-hoops. READ MORE

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Hawaii’s Big Island

news_dqh.guest.0215.sm1.28.15 – A Dolphin Trainer’s Top Five Things to Do on Hawaii’s Big Island

As a dolphin trainer at Dolphin Quest Hawaii, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring and living on the Big Island for 10 years. It has been my privilege to play tour guide for visiting friends and family, and I’ve even had the opportunity to assist some of our program guests with planning their Big Island vacation activities. FIND OUT THE TOP FIVE ACTIVITIES

news_dqh_cascadia.1214.sm12.22.14 – Cascadia Research Collective: Marine Mammal Surveys off the Kona Coast

Dolphin Quest Hawaii’s Regional Education Supervisor Cameron Dabney joined the Cascadia Research Collective team in the field this past July on an incredible marine mammal study off the Kona Coast of Hawaii’s Big Island. This is a first-hand account of her experience. READ MORE

news.dqh.fishtraining.0314.3.26.14 – Fish Can Be Trained

Dolphin Quest’s expert animal behaviorists do an amazing job training our dolphins, but did you know that we also train our fish? READ MORE

news.research.0214.sm2.20.14 – Education, Conservation and Research-that’s what it’s all about!

Through the years, Dolphin Quest Hawaii has given back to the local and international community in many ways. One of the biggest opportunities to do that comes through research. READ MORE

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news.dqo.lungresearch.0214.sm 7.20.15 – Luxury Oahu Resort Provides Unique Opportunity for Scientists to Study Dolphins
On July 8, 2015, the prestigious Journal of Experimental Biology published a first of its kind study providing new insights into how bottlenose dolphins breathe and handle dive related respiratory challenges. READ MORE

3.26.15 – Dolphin Quest In The News – AwesomeOcean.com – LIVE Q&A – Dolphin Quest Research and Care

news_dqo_research.1214.sm12.22.14 – Award Winning Research Results Published in Scientific Journal

Dolphin Quest Oahu (DQO) was recognized this September with the prestigious Research Advancements Award at the 2014 International Marine Animal Trainer’s Association (IMATA) annual conference. Results from the study were also published in The Journal of Experimental Biology. READ MORE

5.30.14 – Dolphin Quest In The News – Hawaii News Now – Dolphin Quest Interview on ‘Sunrise on the road’

news.dqo.waitandgo.03143.27.14 – The Wait & Go Training Game

Dolphin Quest Oahu presented a new training concept, Wait & Go, at the prestigious International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association conference in 2013. READ MORE

news.dqo.lungresearch.0214.sm2.20.14 – Long-term Lung Research Gives Insight into Wild Dolphins

As part of our commitment to global stewardship, Dolphin Quest is dedicated to conservation and the advancement of marine mammal research. Dolphin Quest Oahu (DQO) is currently participating in a groundbreaking long-term research project studying dolphin lung capacity. READ MORE

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