Dolphin Quest Hawaii

Dolphin Quest Hawaii

Dolphin Quest Hawaii was the very first Dolphin Quest location and serves as a wonderful sanctuary for the resident dolphins living there.

Dolphin Quest Big Island Hawaii Dolphin Lagoon

Dolphin lagoon facts:

  • Dolphin Quest Hawaii was established in 1988
  • Habitat is a saltwater, sandy beached tidal lagoon filled with filtered sea water
  • The water in this lagoon is crystal clear because fresh sea water is pumped from a tidal well dug into the highly porous lava rock
  • The well generates an unlimited supply of sea water, naturally filtered through the lava rock, and pumps it into the Dolphin Quest lagoon at a rate of 10,000 gallons per minute, or 15 million gallons per day
  • The entire water volume of the lagoon is replaced on an average of every two hours
  • Water visibility in the lagoon is often more than an incredible 100 feet
  • This lagoon is one of the largest and most natural dolphin habitats in the world

Dolphin Quest Big Island Hawaii Hilton

Hilton Main Lagoon facts:

  • We have trained our dolphins to swim underneath the bridge from the Dolphin Quest lagoon and into the expansive Hilton Main Lagoon
  • This ocean-fed saltwater lagoon is four acres in size and is a protected oasis perfect for snorkeling and swimming
  • The lagoon is filled with various multispecies including fish, green sea turtles, and even the occasional monk seal
  • This expanded part of our facility provides exciting opportunities for our dolphins and guests to connect in a large open space

Dolphin Quest Village on Big Island Hawaii

Dolphin Quest Village facts:

  • Dolphin Quest Village was built in 2008 and is comprised of five main buildings
  • The Check-In Desk welcomes all guests and is where they can get more information or check-in for their dolphin encounter
  • The Grand Lanai provides a breathtaking view of the entire dolphin lagoon and allows guests to watch dolphins swimming and playing with each other and with guests
  • The Encounter Club is an interactive area of DQ Village where kids and adults can play games, interact with cool animals, touch animal models, and enjoy other fun activities
  • The Learning Center is where a variety of classes on marine animals are conducted for kids of all ages
  • The Photo and Gift Shop is where guests can view and purchase their encounter photos, and shop for a wide variety of Dolphin Quest and marine-themed souvenirs
  • There are also lockers, bathrooms, and showers for guests to use if needed
  • The entire Dolphin Quest Village project was officially certified using the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System as an effort to maintain our dedication to environmental conservation

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