Swim with Dolphins in Bermuda

Dolphin Quest at the National Museum of Bermuda

Located in the historic fort now known as the National Museum of Bermuda, the Dolphin Quest Bermuda provides guests the opportunity to meet and experience dolphins in an expansive ocean water sanctuary.

***Dolphin Quest Bermuda programs are currently unavailable due to National Museum of Bermuda closure.***

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The Experience of a Lifetime

The Dolphin Quest lagoon, which is one of the largest dolphin habitats of it’s kind in the world, spans from inside the walls of the museum to the adjacent outer ocean habitat. If you’ve always dreamed of swimming with dolphins, Bermuda’s Dolphin Quest location offers one-of-a-kind experiences perfect for children, families, and adventurers. Discover the playful, friendly nature of the dolphins as you explore their underwater world and get to know them through unforgettable, intimate experiences. Browse our featured experiences and come swim with dolphins in Bermuda!

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