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Scientific Studies Overview

The Value of Science

Over 70% of the Earth’s surface is underwater, and an incredible 94% of the entire planet’s wildlife exists within the ocean. Unfortunately, many marine species are at risk of disappearing from our earth forever due to an overwhelming amount of human caused threats. Dolphin Quest and our guests are here to help.

We understand the importance of protecting our ocean and all marine species and since 1988 Dolphin Quest has dedicated ourselves to supporting vital scientific studies that promote our understanding of ocean ecosystems and marine life and targets the growing human threats on wild populations including entanglement in fishing gear, noise pollution, industrial activities, and exposure to contaminants.

We partner with universities and research organizations to unite our expertise in conservation science.  Using conservation technologies such as drones and bio-logging tags, we help researchers develop, calibrate, and validate conservation tools at Dolphin Quest before applying these methodologies to wild populations to ensure their accuracy and effectiveness.

Our projects are diverse and connect and collaborate with local people, partner organizations, and government agencies to make a positive impact across the globe.

Dolphin Quest Contributions to Scientific Discovery

Dolphin Quest contributes to scientific discovery through financial donations and in-kind support.

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Financial Donations

A portion of monies received from guests that pay to do a Dolphin Quest dolphin encounter, along with guest contributions, is donated each year.

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In-Kind Support

Dolphin Quest provides in-kind support through veterinary expertise, staffing, supplies, mentorship, and baseline data from our healthy animals.

Funding Summary

Below is a summary of the contributions that Dolphin Quest and our guests have donated towards scientific studies focusing on our ocean and marine animals worldwide, including the various areas for support.

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