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Below are a variety of videos about dolphin encounters, dolphin births, baby dolphins, scientific studies, and more! Select what type of video you would like to watch from the list below:

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Dolphin Encounter Videos

Encounter video footage – Dolphin Quest Hawaii

Dolphin Quest fun!

Dolphin Birth Videos

Incredible dolphin birth at Dolphin Quest Hawaii

Dolphin Quest Bermuda welcomes second dolphin birth

Incredible night dolphin birth – Dolphin Quest Hawaii

Baby Dolphin Videos

Dolphin Lehua’s birthday

Baby Malu training

Lehua and Nahele

Cool calf training


Scientific Studies Videos

Scientific studies supported by Dolphin Quest

Dolphin Quest Oahu Lug Study – in the news

Training session for Hawaii Cetacean Stranding Response Network – in the news

Highlight Videos

Dolphin Quest – swim with dolphins in Hawaii & Bermuda

Visit Dolphin Quest Oahu

Visit Dolphin Quest Bermuda