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dqb_holidayevent16_sm   12.2.16 – Christmas Carols with the Dolphins! Special Holiday Event December 11 at Dolphin Quest Bermuda
Enjoy the shimmering of the stars and the joyous sounds of the season as dolphins dance and delight. READ MORE

10.17.16 – Dolphin Quest Bermuda’s 20th Anniversary Family Fun Day – You’re Invited!
Help us celebrate 20 years of marine mammal conservation, education, and scientific study in Bermuda! LEARN MORE


9.12.16 – Dive Depth and Duration Exceed Previous Records for Bermuda Dolphins

Under special permit from the Bermuda Department of the Environment and Natural Resources, an international team of marine mammal scientists, Dolphin Quest veterinarians and animal care professionals have performed a health assessment and tagged four of Bermuda’s deep water bottlenose dolphins as part of an ongoing scientific study. LEARN MORE & TRACK DOLPHINS

  8.5.16 – BUEI Talks: The Science of Saving Cetaceans
Join us on August 30 at The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) for a lecture by Randall Wells and Frants Jensen. LEARN MORE
  7.27.16 – Dolphin Quest In The News – The Royal Gazette – Schoolgirl helps save marine life
DQB Outer Habitat   4.26.16 – Dolphin Quest Bermuda Announces Expanded Ocean Sanctuary
Dolphin Quest Bermuda is excited to announce the expansion of its large ocean water dolphin lagoon inside the walls of the National Museum of Bermuda to include an outer Ocean Habitat. LEARN MORE & WATCH VIDEO!
royalgazette.130px   4.26.16 – Dolphin Quest In The News – The Royal Gazette – Learning all about life under the sea   2.4.16 – Dolphin Quest In The News – AAA Car & Travel February 2016 – Bermuda Bound   9.29.15 – Dolphin Quest Collaborates with World-Renowned Researchers to Study the Secrets of Bermuda’s Deepwater Dolphins 
Earlier this month, Dolphin Quest Bermuda and the Bermuda Aquarium hosted a team of wildlife biologists, cetologists and veterinarians to learn more about the health, behavior and diving physiology of Bermuda’s deep diving dolphins. LEARN MORE   11.17.15 – Weekend Dolphin Shows are Back!
Dolphin Quest Bermuda’s dazzling dolphin shows are back on Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm starting November 28, 2015. READ MORE
royalgazette.130px   9.22.15 – Dolphin Quest In The News – The Royal Gazette –
A quest to learn more about our dolphins
dqb_kandice.web.sm2   7.2.15 – Dolphin Quest Bermuda Celebrates with Kandice
Local Bermudian visits during 11-day birthday celebration. This month, we welcomed a very special visitor named Kandice Douglas-Young.
LEARN MORE   2.11.15 – Storytime at Dolphin Quest Bermuda
Young audiences will love these delightful dolphin tales and entertaining stories of the sea. LEARN MORE   2.4.15 – February Events at Dolphin Quest Bermuda
February is full of excitement at Dolphin Quest Bermuda, from our weekend shows to couples specials, we have something for everyone! LEARN MORE   12.22.14 – Bermuda Dolphin Baby Update!
On March 31, 2014, and April 5, 2014, Dolphin Quest Bermuda welcomed two amazing additions to our family. Bailey gave birth to her daughter Brighton first, and Ely gave birth to her baby girl Devon a few days later. Both calves are now a little over 8 months old and learning all sorts of new skills. Just like children, every dolphin calf is unique, and while Brighton has already acquired a taste for fish, Devon has shown great interest in basketballs and hula-hoops. READ MORE