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  4.14.17 – Honor National Dolphin Day By Helping to Save the World’s Most Endangered Porpoise From Extinction
As we celebrate National Dolphin Day today, we think about a beautiful dolphin or porpoise species whose future on the planet is in peril. LEARN MORE & DONATE!
  2-11-17 – Help Save the Lives of Thousands of Sea Turtles – Act Now!
Dolphin Quest is reaching out to ask for your comments of support for a proposed rule to require all currently exempted Southeast shrimp boats in the US to use Turtle Excluder Devises (TED’s) in their trawls. This requirement is designed to save the lives of thousands of sea turtles a year that needlessly get trapped in these fishing nets. The public comment period ends February 14 – LEARN MORE and ACT NOW!
The Huffington Post   10.25.16 – Dolphin Quest In The News – The Huffington Post – Results & Relationships: Lessons from the Pool
Dolphin Quest   4.29.16 – Take Action Today To Support The Important Work We do Daily
Add your voice to government regulations affecting Dolphin Quest. Learn more and take action today! It’s quick and easy. READ NOW
news_ourworldoceans.0615sm   6.1.15 – Fight Ocean Pollution – Become the Solution – Join Us For ‘Our World Oceans’ Month and create a #DebrisFreeSea!
Join members of the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums (AMMPA) in the social media campaign to raise awareness of marine debris and motivate people around the world to clean up and prevent more trash from entering our world’s oceans. LEARN MORE
wsmv_tv.130px   3.30.15 – Dolphin Quest In The News – WSMV-TV Nashville –
Make-A-Wish Monday – Jenaya   3.5.15 – Urgent – Hundreds of Starving Sea Lions Need Your Help!
An overwhelming number of malnourished sea lion pups are showing up on the California coastline.  The stranding centers and marine mammal rescue response teams are stretched to the limit with available resources.  They need public help as they diligently work to rescue and rehabilitate these starving animals with a goal of releasing them when they are healthy. LEARN HOW YOU CAN HELP!   1.28.15 – Top 5 Tips for Breaking into the Marine Mammal Training Field
Find out a Dolphin Quest trainer’s top tips for starting a career as an animal trainer. READ MORE
news_careerevent.0115sm   1.23.15 – Animal Trainer Career Workshop – Resume Review & Interview Skills
Let us help you land a dream job in the animal training field by enhancing your resume writing and interview skills. LEARN MORE
  5.30.14 – Dolphin Quest In The News – Hawaii News Now – Dolphin Quest Interview on ‘Sunrise on the road’
news.dolphinshortfilm.0514.   5.19.14 – Dolphin Quest In the News –  Understanding Dolphins – What You Should Know
Dolphin Quest is featured in a fascinating new documentary called “Understanding Dolphins – What You Should Know”. This short film highlights the importance of the critical research contributions of facilities like Dolphin Quest that provide researchers with controlled environments and trained animals for data collection that would be impossible in the wild. The documentary explores how dolphins in human care continue to inspire the next generations of environmental stewards. (Dr. Jay Sweeney and Julie Rocho-Levine of Dolphin Quest have cameos starting at 10:18.)  Watch Now!