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Local Bermudian visits during 11-day birthday celebration

This month, we welcomed a very special visitor named Kandice Douglas-Young. Kandice has a rare congenital heart disease and pulmonary vein stenosis and will be taking a trip to Boston this August to potentially have life-saving surgery. Her family, along with social worker Verdelle Dill, created a birthday countdown with an activity every day for 11 days until her 11th birthday on June 30. She came to visit our dolphins as the eighth stop on the 11-day birthday celebration.

Kandice (pictured above) and her older sister Kyra spent the morning dancing, splashing and playing basketball with our 5-year-old dolphins, Cavello and Marley. Kandice loved sending Marley out on a high flying jump into the middle of the lagoon. She said hanging out with the dolphins has been her favorite part of the week so far. Ms. Dill said that these 11 days full of family and friend-filled activities are really helping to keep Kandice’s morale high; she says it has been like therapy for her. At Dolphin Quest, we are firm believers in the benefits of the human-animal connection, so we hope our fish-loving friends truly helped make Kandice’s week great! We wish the best of luck to Kandice as she finishes her birthday week and makes her way to Boston.

Read more about Kandice’s story featured on The Royal Gazette.