Hawaii School Programs

Dolphin Quest invites local school groups to visit us at the beautiful Hilton Waikoloa Village to participate in educational experiences and learn about these amazing creatures through fun and engaging activities.

Dolphin Quest Hawaii School Programs are approximately an hour and a half long. This includes an hour-long classroom portion and a Dolphin Encounter of your choice. Our innovative lessons, interactive classroom portions, and dolphin encounters make the Dolphin Quest School Programs an unforgettable field trip for all ages!

Students learn about marine life and ocean conservation through a variety of senses. We work in small, age-appropriate groups designed to engage students though fun, hands-on activities. Each grade level’s curriculum is aligned with State and National Science Standards as well as the Ocean Literacy Principles. We focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in every School Program and teachers are encouraged to use the Dolphin Quest School Program as a STEM resource.

Our dolphin encounters give the students an opportunity to interact, learn about, and have fun with our dolphins. We strive to inspire the next generation of ocean stewards by creating this unique experience for our local keiki.

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School Programs

If you have questions about school programs, please call us at: 808.886.1234 x2778

Option 1: Dolphin Touch$5 per student
This is a five minute encounter that includes a beach-side demonstration with our animal trainers and an opportunity for the children to touch and learn about the dolphins. This is a short and sweet encounter, typically better suited for younger children.

Option 2: Dolphin Interaction $20 per student
This is a ten minute encounter where the children may touch, feed, play, and learn about the dolphins. This is a longer in-water experience that we recommend for older children. (Must be 5 years of age or older to participate in this option.)

Note – Dolphin Quest School Program pricing is for traditional Hawaii schools only. Non-traditional classes and learning groups such as home school groups, youth clubs, scout troops, traveling school groups, higher education groups, and all schools from the mainland are considered Learning Adventures. Mixed-age ranges (outside our normal breakdown) may also be considered a Learning Adventure. Pricing for Learning Adventures is dependent on group size and function, please contact the Education Department for pricing and booking information if your group is a non-traditional class.

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IMPORTANT: This is only a request. Your preferred date may not be available at the time of your request. Booking is NOT CONFIRMED until a Dolphin Quest educator has replied with your School Program Booking Confirmation.

If you have questions about school programs, please call us at: 808.886.1234 x2778

Current list of School Program Options

Happenin’ Habitats
Grade Level – Pre-K and Kindergarten
Topics Discussed – Tidepool and Beach Habitats: living and non-living components
Monk Seals vs. Dolphins: similarities and differences
Conservation Activity – Sand Sort Game: Natural vs. Non-Natural; What belongs on the beach?

Marine Life Cycles

Grade Level – 1st and 2nd
Topics Discussed – Marine Animal Life Cycles: Jellyfish and Sea Turtles
Conservation Activity – Life Cycle of a Plastic Bottle – How can we help wildlife?

Hawaiian Food Web

Grade Level – 3rd and 4th
Topics Discussed – Importance of Blubber: Marine trophic levels, marine mammal adaptations, and human impacts on wildlife
Conservation Activity – Recycling Game – What are the 4 R’s?

Splash Class

Grade Level – 5th and 6th
Topics Discussed – Cetacean Taxonomy: Different types of whales and their feeding adaptations
Conservation Activity – Trivia Game: How does plastic and marine debris harm dolphins and whales?

Grade Level –
7th and higher
Topics Discussed – Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our upper level classes. We have a variety of lessons to offer!
Conservation Activity – Options include Climate Change, Marine Debris, Sustainable Seafood