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General Science and Conservation Fund

In addition to the recently established Conservation of Endangered Small Cetaceans Fund, Dolphin Quest continues to support a diverse set of marine mammal research and conservation efforts. Since 1989 Dolphin Quest has contributed over $6M in funding and in-kind support. These projects, both in the wild and at Dolphin Quest, have contributed greatly to our understanding of marine mammal biology and have improved our ability to protect whales and dolphins in the wild. Methodologies and technologies developed by working with Dolphin Quest dolphins have been applied to study numerous wild populations of cetaceans. Projects have focused on respirometry, animal-borne instrument development, cognition, biomechanics, habitat and distribution, morphometrics, diving ability, reproduction, toxicology, and non-invasive hormone measurements, among others. To see examples of current and previous Dolphin Quest supported research, please visit  current studies or completed studies.

If you would like to conduct non-invasive research with Dolphin Quest dolphins and/or receive funding for wild or in human care research/conservation projects, please check back in June 2023 for more information on applying. Proposals will likely be due October 1, 2023, with decisions made in November. Please direct questions to [email protected]

Please note, Dolphin Quest is only able to accept applicants that qualify as tax-exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or have a tax-exempt fiscal sponsor—e.g., an international NGO, University, or community foundation with 501(c)(3) status, or are a US-based organization that can produce an IRS form W-9. Please verify that the applicant/fiscal sponsor has current 501(c)(3) status here.





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