Discover Baby Dolphins

Spend a day with our amazing Dolphin Quest dolphins, focusing on baby dolphins and moms!

  • 5 hr 30 mins
  • $700
  • 1 hour
  • 10+
  • Swimming Shallows Dockside
  • 2 max

Program Information

  • Learn about and take part in the advanced care we provide our dolphins from newborn to adult.
  • Spend the day side-by-side with marine mammal specialists and dolphins while participating in dolphin health exams, dolphin training sessions, dolphin play time, baby dolphin observations and dolphin programs for guests.
  • Participate in a trained voluntary dolphin ultrasound and see images and video of an incredible dolphin birth.
  • Learn through hands-on instruction how Dolphin Quests’ marine mammal specialists use positive rewards and affection to create strong relationships and trusting bonds with our dolphins.
  • Discover the importance of preventative healthcare, the value of training the dolphins to voluntarily participate in the process and learn what it takes to care for a pregnant mother.
  • Learn how information from Dolphin Quest’s healthy baby dolphins assists marine mammal biologists and veterinarians with health assessments of wild dolphin babies in situations that include strandings.
  • Discover the dangers newborn dolphins face in the wild and how humans activities contribute to these risks.
  • Your participation supports vital marine mammal conservation, education and scientific study.
  • Bring your swimsuit! You’ll be in the water with our dolphins and interacting with them from our docks.
  • We’ll take tons of photos for you to look through, pick out the best, and purchase.
  • You will interact with dolphins in a small, intimate group of no more than 2 people with your marine mammal specialist

If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact our reservations team at 1-800-248-3316.

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