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About Dolphin Quest Oahu

At the Kahala Hotel & Resort

Dolphin Quest Oahu is the second Dolphin Quest location in Hawaii and is known for its intimate dolphin encounters and diverse encounter opportunities with multiple species.

Dolphin Quest Oahu is located at the world-class Kahala Hotel & Resort on Oahu, and we are proud to partner with them. Located on site are our Dolphin Lagoon, Multispecies Lagoons, and the Dolphin Quest building.

Learn more about our Oahu, Hawaii, location and the Kahala Hotel & Resort below!

dolphins jumping

Dolphin Lagoon Facts

  • Dolphin Quest Oahu originally opened in March 2000 at the elegant Kahala Mandarin Oriental hotel, which is now the Kahala Hotel and Resort on the island of Oahu.
  • The spectacular dolphin lagoon was one of the first natural enclosures to display dolphins in the 1970s.
  • The lagoon is filled with natural saltwater and has an intricate design.
  • The water is filtered from the ocean, enters the lagoon from the waterfall, and completely circulates twice within a 24-hour period.
dolphins jumping

Multispecies Lagoons Facts

  • There are separate lagoons that house multiple species of beautiful reef fish and protected Hawaiian green sea turtles.
  • All multispecies are trained using positive reinforcement and perform a wide variety of behaviors.
  • Guests interact with these animals in our various encounters and are always amazed to see what they can do.
kids at multispecies lagoons
dolphin quest oahu information stand

Dolphin Quest Building Facts

  • In the center of the Dolphin Lagoon and Multispecies Lagoons is the Dolphin Quest Check-In Desk.
  • Here guests can get more information or check in for their dolphin encounter.
  • We also utilize this area to show guests their encounter photos, which are available for purchase.
  • In addition, we have an outdoor Gift Shop display where guests can shop for a wide variety of Dolphin Quest and marine-themed souvenirs.
  • We conduct our education classes with children and adults outdoors on our beaches and various grassy areas of the hotel.
  • In the Encounter Club area, there are benches for guests to enjoy, as well as lockers, an outdoor shower, and bathrooms nearby for guests to use if needed.
  • There is a separate office for our marine mammal specialists where they prepare the diets for the dolphins and run operations.
dolphin quest oahu information stand