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Sustainable Travel International

Improving Lives and Protecting Places Through Travel and Tourism

What is Sustainable Tourism International?

The mission of Sustainable Travel International is to improve lives and protect places through travel and tourism.  Their belief is that travel and tourism can protect the world’s natural and cultural riches and create economic opportunity.

  • Because it’s among the world’s largest industries, tourism has the potential to alleviate poverty, hunger, gender inequality, and environmental degradation in the world’s most vulnerable regions.
  • But that takes vision, collaboration, and a collective road map so that all the relevant players – including government ministries, businesses, and community leaders and travelers – have a clear path toward change.
  • Through our work, governments, companies, NGOs and local communities can unite and use tourism to achieve the right balance between economic development, green growth, and protection of their natural and cultural assets.

Since 2002, Sustainable Travel International has been developing, testing, and sharing our inclusive methodologies, tools and knowledge to enable self-directed sustainability for the travel and tourism industry. Sustainable Travel International is creating the next generation tools required to build knowledge and inspire action at the private, public, and civil section levels.

10 Million Better Campaign

  • In collaboration with their partners, Sustainable Travel International is working on improving 10 million lives by 2025 through travel and tourism.
  • This includes contributing to the social and economic well-being of at least 10 million people in travel and tourism destinations around the world.
  • By joining the 10 Million Better campaign, you will be helping to chart the course for a new direction in the travel and tourism industry, one that leads to clean beaches, forests, and parks; that fosters local economic development and that results in the protection and longevity of cultural traditions and architectural treasures.
  • Take action: click here to sign the pledge!

Travel Better

  • We need more conscientious travelers to join the movement and spread the word.
  • It can sometimes be difficult to know what the best travel choices are or understand how you can make a difference, so they have created the Travel Better program.
  • This course teaches you how to become a more sustainable traveler.
  • Your sustainable travel journey begins with a 30-minute online training course.
  • You’ll discover sustainable travel tips and learn about ways that you can make a difference before, during, and after your trip.
  • Once you successfully complete the course, you’ll get a certificate that you can share and you’ll also gain entry into the Travel Better Club.
  • Take action: click here to take the certification course!

The Dolphin Quest Connection

  • Dolphin Quest is a proud supporter of the 10 Million Better Campaign as has taken the pledge.
  • Dolphin Quest is a proud supporter of the Travel Better Campaign and encourages all traveling Crew Members to take the Travel Better Certificate Course and receive their certificate.