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Turtle Ambassadors

Green Sea Turtle Breeding and Release

What is the Turtle Ambassador Program?

  • The Turtle Ambassador Program begins at Sea Life Park where the turtles breed, produce eggs, and the eggs are hatched.
  • Afterwards, partnering organizations including Dolphin Quest Oahu and The Kahala Hotel & Resort, take over the daily care and rearing of the young turtles in their lagoons.
  • During the time the turtles are being reared, guests visiting Dolphin Quest have a unique chance to view and become educated about sea turtles and the latest conservation efforts to assist in their survival.
  • After the baby turtles reach 100 pounds, they receive a Hawaiian blessing and superstar aloha as they are released into the ocean.
  • Each turtle receives a permanent microchip, much like a dog or cat.
  • This microchip will allow scientists to identify the turtle during future research and nesting surveys in the northwest Hawaiian Islands.

What Does the Future Look Like for Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles?

  • Protecting these precious creatures throughout their lifetime is important since turtles will not reproduce until they are 20-30 years old.
  • These turtles had a total population of nesting females as low as 150 animals, but since being added to the Endangered Species List in the early 1970’s, the turtle population in Hawaii is now thriving to over 850.

The Dolphin Quest Connection:

  • Dolphin Quest raises, cares for, feeds, and provides medical attention to these turtles at the Dolphin Quest Oahu location at The Kahala Hotel & Resort.
  • Dolphin Quest organizes and facilitates the turtle release events once the turtles are over 100 pounds and in good health.