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Save the Vaquita

Endangered Porpoise Protection

What is the Current Situation with the Vaquita Porpoise?

Fewer than 30 of the world’s smallest porpoise are left in the world, the vaquita. Plans are in place to rescue the remaining vaquita from their dangerous environment, and relocate them to a safe-haven in the northern Gulf of California. Illegal fishing with gillnets has increased the decline of vaquita to 34 percent per year, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Emergency funds are needed to rescue these animals from imminent extinction.

Despite measures by the Mexican government to protect vaquita, which live in the northern part of the Gulf of California, the porpoises are continuing to die at an alarming rate as they become caught in illegal gillnets used to catch the endangered totoaba fish. The Mexican government has determined that emergency action is needed to temporarily remove some of the remaining animals from their threatening environment and create a protected environment for them in the northern Gulf of California. The conservation action plan will be implemented with field recovery operations as efforts continue to end the illegal fishing and remove gillnets from the region.



How You Can Help

The implementation of the rescue plan is estimated to cost more than $3.7 million dollars this year alone. You can help by donating to and spreading the word about these incredible animals on the verge of extinction.

Since learning about the challenges facing the vaquita, Dolphin Quest as well as other zoological institutions accredited by the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums around the world have been contributing expertise and knowledge to assist the National Marine Mammal Foundation with these conservation efforts to save the vaquita.

Dolphin Quest is also donating all profits from the sale of the Chicken Soup from the Soul: Humane Heroes books sold onsite in our gift shop to support the vaquita rescue efforts. Two editions are available for purchase featuring inspiring stories about Dolphin Quest dolphins. Be sure to pick up a copy when you visit a Dolphin Quest location.

Visit the VaquitaCPR website today to learn more and make a donation!

The Dolphin Quest Connection:

  • Dolphin Quest has donated $70,000 in financial support to assist conservation efforts for the vaquita.
  • Dolphin Quest has also donated countless hours of professional animal expertise to help these efforts.
  • Dolphin Quest is also currently donating all profits from the book sales of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Humane Heroes in their three gift shop locations.