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Ke Kai Ola

Hawaiian Monk Seal Hospital

What is Ke Kai Ola?

  • In 2014, The Marine Mammal Center opened “Ke Kai Ola” (“The Healing Sea”) which is a hospital and education center dedicated to caring for injured, ill, and orphaned Hawaiian monk seals.
  • The hospital returns the Hawaiian monk seals to the wild once healthy enough to survive.
  • The hospital also is a place where children and the community learn to care for this beautiful marine mammal.

Ke Kai Ola Goals

Promote Hawaiian monk seal recovery through:

  • Science-based rehabilitation program
  • Highly trained and well-managed volunteer stranding response network
  • Coordinated community efforts and partnerships to inspire the local community to protect, care for, and ensure the future of this endangered species.

The Dolphin Quest Connection:

  • Dolphin Quest Crew Members volunteer their time at the hospital.
  • Dolphin Quest runs their water quality samples.
  • Dolphin Quest orders their fish needed for monk seal diets and we hold it in our freezer until needed.


hawaiian monk seal (NOAA Permit #932-1489-09)