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Retail Conservation

Be Inspired. Make a Difference. Shop with Purpose.

Dolphin Quest is committed to protecting our planet which is why we offer a variety of environmentally-conscious products in our gift shops.

There are a variety of icons located in our gift shop placed next to specific retail items indicating that the purchase of that item supports a specific conservation purpose.

Support a Cause

A portion of the proceeds from this purchase supports a cause to help improve the lives of animals and clean up our environment.

Retail examples:

  • Seeded postcards that support bee colonization
  • Figurines and scarves that support Georgia Sea Turtle Center and endangered species

Ocean Safe

Using products that do not contain toxic chemicals and are safe for our ocean, corals, and other marine life is essential to their protection.

Retail examples:

  • Ocean-safe sunscreen that does not contain oxybenzones
  • Toys made of wood

Ocean Education

The more we learn the more we understand, and the more we understand the more we care, so learning more about our ocean and all marine life makes a huge difference.

Retail examples:

  • Variety of books on dolphins
  • Variety of books on turtles, fish, nature, and the ocean

Locally Sourced

Buying merchandise that is produced locally reduces the environmental impact of these items by decreasing the amount of transportation, habitat loss, and pollution.

Retail examples:

  • Frames mats, accessories, plush, and flutes from Hawaii
  • Jewelry, bowls, and figurines from Bermuda

Recycled Material

Purchasing items that are made of recycled materials creates less trash, saves natural resources, reduces air and water pollution, and helps keep our ocean clean.

Retail examples:

  • Books, toys, and frames made from recycled materials
  • Retail bags made of recycled material

Reusable Item

More than eight million tons of plastics enter our ocean each year, so we need to reduce our plastic use, especially plastic items that have a single use.

Retail examples:

  • Reusable Dolphin Quest tumblers
  • Reusable Dolphin Quest coffee mugs
Retail Conservation Poster