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Dolphin Quest is dedicated to the scientific study of marine mammals and to the preservation of our ocean ecosystems. To date, Dolphin Quest has proudly contributed well over 3 million dollars in funding, resources and field support to vital marine studies around the globe.

The knowledge gained from these studies is helping our marine mammal community better care for dolphins in human care and better preserve those in the wild. In addition to providing financial and staffing support for crucial wild dolphin and whale studies, we also share our locations and animals with world-class scientists, providing them with critically important controlled research environments. Much of the groundbreaking scientific studies that takes place at our Dolphin Quest locations would be impossible to conduct in the wild.

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Bottlenose Dolphin Studies – Mother and Calf

Studies in this category investigate various aspects of bottlenose dolphin reproduction. Included in this category are studies that have contributed to the knowledge and understanding of hormones, breeding, pregnancies, fetal development, lactation and nutrition, and rearing of young. This is an important area of study as all of these factors have a role to play in species sustainability, and survival, both under human care and in the wild. LEARN MORE

Bottlenose Dolphin Studies

Studies in this category investigate specific organs, anatomy, and physiological and biological systems to contribute to the current understanding of bottlenose dolphins. This valuable research allows for advances in veterinary medicine, and impacts dolphin populations under human care, as well as those in the wild. LEARN MORE

Field Studies

Field studies, or fieldwork, is the collection of information outside of a laboratory, library or workplace setting. Most of the studies in this category take place in or on the ocean, bays, and rivers. Dolphin Quest supports field studies through financial contributions, as well as staff participation, time and expertise. LEARN MORE

Multispecies Studies

These studies focus on animals species other than the bottlenose dolphin. Dolphin Quest is passionate about the understanding and conservation of all animals. The focus of these studies include other species of cetaceans, marine mammals, marine and terrestrial animals. LEARN MORE


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