Bermuda School Programs

Greetings Bermuda Educators!

Once again, we are pleased to offer exciting hands-on learning experiences that complement your classroom lessons! A field trip to Dolphin Quest will provide a unique opportunity to create real-life connections to the curriculum set forth by the Ministry of Education.

Use a trip to visit the dolphins at Dolphin Quest as a tool to teach your curriculum or reward students for their hard work. And to further your experience, select our ‘dolphin touch’ option where your students go onto the docks and actually meet the dolphins during our dolphin demonstration! A visit to Dolphin Quest is guaranteed to be a ‘whale’ of a good time!

Dolphin Quest is committed to our local communities, as we touch hearts and minds through fun and innovative experiences. As a part of the ocean ecosystem, it is our job to help protect and preserve the valuable resources we see each and every day. Learn with us the best ways to make a positive difference to the ocean and the animals that live within their depths.

Whether you wish to visit us at Dolphin Quest, coordinate a beach cleanup with your students or ask us to participate in your school-wide event, we look forward to sharing in your students’ experience this year!

Dolphin Education Adventures

Discover amazing ocean realms from the Dolphin Quest Bermuda classroom! A Dolphin Quest Educator will lead your students in a hands-on lesson based on Educational Standards.

Programmes are offered September – June for local and visiting schools.  
Minimum group size 10 students. Alternate dates and times subject to availability.

September – October and April – June: Monday – Thursdays at 10:30am (45 minute program)
November – March: Wednesday – Friday at 11:30am  (45 minute program)

Please visit our camp section for information about our ‘Dolphin Quest Connecting with Nature Camps’ or for our visiting camps ‘Splash of Fun’ programmes.

Call 441-234-4464 ext. 103
for more information or click the button link to fill out the Education Request Form. Make a Request

Education Mini Series

Education level: P2, P4, P6 and M2
Number of Lessons: 6 (booked in advance)
Length of Lesson: 45 minutes
Program Cost: $35 per child for 6 lessons and dolphin interaction

Join us for a series of six lessons in an alternate learning environment that connects students to nature and science through interactive teaching methods. These lessons are scheduled within the academic school year and are designed to complement the Science Curriculum at key year levels.

The final week’s lesson includes a post program dry dock Dolphin Touch interaction. Lessons have been mapped in accordance with the Bermuda Ministry of Education Science Checklist and Cambridge Curriculum Scheme of Work Science and Mathematics Stages. Corresponding Objectives, Terms, Units and Framework Codes are noted on each Mini Series Outline which can be provided upon request.

Please use the Education Request Form to schedule this program.

School Visits

Schools can now select from a range of topics at every age level.

Meet Our Resident African Grey Parrot – Mr. Bones
Year Levels: Pre-school, Primary, Middle & Senior School modules
Lesson Length: 45 minutes
Cost: $5 per student (includes Mr. Bones interaction)
Our education programs go beyond the world of dolphins in an endeavour to help protect all endangered species. An interactive lesson with Mr. Bones – focuses on birds, their anatomy, habitat and conservation.

Dolphin Anatomy
Year Levels: Pre-school, Primary, Middle & Senior School modules
Lesson Length: 45 minutes
Cost: $5 per student
Optional Cost: $5 for Dolphin Touch interaction
Age appropriate lessons that focus on dolphin anatomy using engaging activities and games to share knowledge and inspire conservation.

Green Hands, Blue Oceans
Year Levels: Primary, Middle & Senior School modules
Lesson Length: 45 minutes
Cost: $5 per student
Optional Cost: $5 for Dolphin Touch interaction
This catchy conservation tag line says it all! Through activities, games and research data, students will learn how they can make a difference through the “Green” choices they make that help keep our Oceans “Blue”.

Lagoon Interactions – Premium Level Programs
Year Levels: Pre-school, Primary, Middle & Senior School modules
Lesson Length: 60 minutes
Cost: $10 per student (includes Dolphin Demonstration and Dolphin Touch interaction)
These premier level educational experiences provide learning opportunities for a broad range of learning styles – spatial, kinaesthetic, auditory and interpersonal. Lagoon demonstrations and activities that vary in topic depending on the year level.

  • Preschool & Primary – Importance of Play – includes dockside enrichment activities
  • Middle & Senior – The Science of Sound – sound as communication vs sound as pollution
  • Middle & Senior – Psychology in Practice – the practical application of psychology principles

For more information on each module or for groups larger than 25 students please contact the Education Department or submit an Education Request Form.

Education Request Form

Please complete the Education Request Form. Payment is due at the time of the programme.  Make a Request