Consulting Services

Available from All Dolphin Quest Locations

Dolphin Quest is well-known for innovative practices, business success, high-quality people, superb guest satisfaction, and fun working environments.  If you want to develop or improve any of these areas within your own business, then let Dolphin Quest work alongside your team to help show you the way.

We offer a wide variety of services for oceanariums, interactive facilities, zoos, and non-animal businesses to help your team ensure top quality care and wellness for your animals, as well as innovative and efficient operations to secure business success.

Our team has decades of experience in animal training, staff development, and business operations, and we customize our services based upon your needs.

When consulting with your business, our primary goals are always to help you develop or improve:

  1. Animal care and wellness
  2. Staff development, retention, productivity, and satisfaction
  3. Business success, profitability, and company culture development

We offer professional consulting services in every aspect of business operations and we customize our services based upon your needs:

Animal Care and Wellness

  • Chevron down Behavior Management
    • Animal training and problem solving
    • Proactive and preventative medical and husbandry behavior training
    • Innovative behavior training and animal enrichment strategies
  • Chevron down Animal Management
    • Interactive animal program design
    • Safe dolphin transport services
    • Achieving sustainable populations through reproduction management, neonate care, and survivability
    • Socialization and enrichment management
    • Neonatal care, development, and training
  • Chevron down Veterinary Services
    • Connecting veterinarians and trainers to create synergy
    • Professional veterinary assessments
    • Empowering trainers as skilled technicians
  • Chevron down Scientific Study
    • Scientific study program management
    • How to envelop scientific studies into daily operations
    • Innovative research ideas

Staff Development, Retention, Productivity, and Satisfaction

  • Chevron down Staff Development
    • Hiring the right people
    • Employee training and development
    • Teambuilding and leadership skills training
  • Chevron down Superlative Award-Winning Customer Service
    • Teaching customer service strategies
    • Understanding customer demographics and selling strategies
    • Internal customer service and staff relations
  • Chevron down Human Resources
    • Creation and implementation of policies and procedures
    • Review to ensure HR compliance
    • Problem solving and management of employee relations

Business Growth, Profitability, and Company Culture Development

  • Chevron down Revenue Generation
    • Implement or increase ancillary sales opportunities (photo, video, retail, etc.)
    • Strategic product selection and placement
    • Product promotion and marketing
  • Chevron down Profitability
    • Discovering cost reductions, efficiencies, and avoidances
    • System flow engineering
    • Purposeful profitability strategies
  • Chevron down Facility Design and Management
    • Very creative, state-of-the-art concepts for both animal and guest enrichment
    • Facility concept creation assistance
    • Naturally enriching habitat design
    • Facility management plan development
  • Chevron down Labor and Revenue Management
    • Labor management and staff schedule matrices
    • Payroll services
    • Effective reservation system and website
    • Revenue trending and tracking
  • Chevron down Business Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
    • Budget creation and management
    • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
    • Bank reconciliations
    • Financial reporting
  • Chevron down Company Culture
    • Mission and vision creation and implementation
    • Company values identification and promotion
    • Effective communication strategies

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