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Mission and Values

Dolphin Quest Mission Statement and Company Values

Mission Statement

Everything Dolphin Quest does supports our mission statement:

To touch hearts and minds through fun, innovative experiences, that create a connection to nature, and a passion to learn more.

When people visit Dolphin Quest, they tell us that their experience makes them feel connected to our dolphins, other marine life, and our ocean. This connection becomes a powerful force inspiring our guests to make choices in their own lives to protect dolphins and the health of our ocean, upon which all life depends.



Dolphin Quest is a very ‘COOL PLACE’ to visit and work, and we live our values every single day:


We live according to our values every day. Learn more about why we do what we do when you visit Dolphin Quest!

Character and integrity:

  • We hire positive people that stick to a strong moral and ethical code
  • We empower our Crew Members to make sure all guests are satisfied with their experience

Open communication:

  • We always engage in respectful and honest communication with each other
  • We love to talk with guests about our dolphins, our training practices, and our operations

Outside the box thinking and creativity:

  • We create new and innovative encounters for guests and dolphins
  • We empower Crew Members to come up with creative ideas to improve operations

Loyalty and dedication:

  • We recognize and reward Crew Members who stay with the company
  • A number of our Crew Members have been with Dolphin Quest for over 10 years

Personal and professional growth:

  • We invest in our Crew Members through staff training and workshops
  • We send Crew Members to conferences to continuously develop their skills

Lots of fun and enjoyment:

  • We hire Crew Members that love people and dolphins
  • We find time to play and laugh every day

Animal health and well-being:

  • Our owners are veterinarians and top management includes experienced marine mammal specialists
  • We have trained our dolphins to take part in over 30 medical behaviors to ensure their health

Conservation and global stewardship:

  • We have donated over 4.2 million dollars to support conservation and scientific studies
  • We provide time for Crew Members to engage in global stewardship activities like beach clean-up

Excellence and professionalism:

  • We encourage Crew Members to be actively involved in our community
  • Our Crew Members take their jobs seriously and are always professional

Sensational service:

  • We make sure each guest is satisfied with our service
  • We update processes and equipment to ensure operations are intuitive and efficient