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Making a Difference

Be Inspired. Make a Difference.

Dolphin Quest is committed to protecting our planet and inspiring the next generation of ocean stewards – those who respect, value and work to conserve our living oceans.

Through inspirational interactive experiences, educational programs and support of vital marine scientific studies, Dolphin Quest makes a difference every day.

For over three decades, Dolphin Quest has inspired and educated tens of thousands of tourists, school groups and local residents annually at its locations on Hawaii’s Big Island, Oahu, and in Bermuda.

We have contributed millions of dollars in financial and in-kind support of conservation efforts and university level scientific studies generating hundreds of published scientific works that are helping researchers find solutions to the threats dolphins and whales face in the wild.

By supporting Dolphin Quest, you are helping to make a difference as well.

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Conservation and Stewardship

At Dolphin Quest, we believe that knowledge can transform passion into conservation action. As animal advocates, we share our love for these magnificent animals with our guests, while instilling in them an equal passion to help protect marine animals and preserve their fragile ocean environments.

As wildlife caregivers, we feel a profound sense of stewardship for the natural world. Dolphin Quest contributes essential medical and training support to wild marine mammals in distress through the marine mammal stranding networks in Hawaii and Bermuda. Our team members also hand raise newly hatched endangered sea turtles, releasing them back into the wild when they are large enough through the “Turtle Ambassador Program”.

We organize beach and stream cleanups, recycling efforts, and other environmental stewardship initiatives. We sponsor and conduct scientific studies to help bring to light new ways to preserve marine life and fragile habitats. And, with our dolphins, we touch the hearts and minds of our guests in a fun and inspirational way, sharing how each of us can play a vital role in protecting our precious ocean ecosystem.

Our legacy will be what we leave for future generations and the knowledge and passion with which we equip our children to grow and develop as responsible stewards. Their knowledge and passion will become a powerful force for future efforts to conserve and preserve our one and only blue planet.

Dolphin Quest Conservation & Stewardship

Dolphin Quest Scientific Studies

Scientific Studies

Dolphin Quest is dedicated to the scientific study of marine mammals and to the preservation of our ocean ecosystems. In partnership with leading biologists, universities and veterinary scientists in Hawaii and internationally, Dolphin Quest sponsors and conducts groundbreaking studies that advance our understanding of these awe-inspiring animals and the issues critical to their conservation.

To date, Dolphin Quest has proudly contributed well over $5 million dollars in funding, resources and field support to vital marine studies around the globe. The knowledge gained from these studies is helping our marine mammal community better care for dolphins in human care and better preserve those in the wild. In addition to providing financial and staffing support for crucial wild dolphin and whale studies, we also share our locations and animals with world-class scientists, providing them with critically important controlled research environments. Much of the groundbreaking scientific studies that takes place at our Dolphin Quest locations would be impossible to conduct in the wild.

Dolphin Quest Scientific Studies


Education is at the core of Dolphin Quest’s culture, and it is demonstrated through our inspiring public encounter programs, outreach activities for schools, and collaborative research projects. Our goal is to blend fun with knowledge in an exciting learning environment for all ages and instill a passion to learn more.

The wonder of a close, personal encounter with dolphins brings out the child inside of all of us and provides a unique forum to cultivate the learning spirit. When these experiences are infused with a stirring educational message that touches hearts and minds, they truly promote a connection to the marvels of our natural world. It is with renewed zeal and vigor each year that we strive to interlace educational value with every aspect of the Dolphin Quest experience.

Dolphin Quest Education

Dolphin Quest Community Service

Community Service

Giving back through community service is sewn into the fabric of Dolphin Quest’s identity. Collectively, Dolphin Quest team members around the globe embrace this commitment and have donated tens of thousands of volunteer hours to support their local communities through beach clean-ups, Adopt-a-Highway programs, and more.

It has been our privilege and honor to be a longtime supporter of the Make a Wish Foundation. Through this incredible organization, we have gladly hosted, with a warm heart, thousands of children with life-threatening medical conditions along with their families. Time and time again, our trainers tell us that being part of these experiences is life changing and one of the many reasons they are drawn to work for Dolphin Quest.

Dolphin Quest Community Service

Get Involved

Although bottlenose dolphins thrive in human care, they face many threats in the wild including overfishing, habitat degradation, pollution and marine debris. Together, we can create a brighter future for dolphins, our oceans and our planet.

Here are ways you can get involved and make a difference:

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Choose seafood that is sustainably sourced
  • Identify local options for properly disposing of expired medication
  • Participate in local beach and stream clean-up efforts
  • Visit accredited zoos, aquariums and marine life parks

Participating in a Dolphin Quest experience also supports vital marine conservation, education and research. Proceeds from our interactive programs help fund critical onsite and in-the-field scientific studies that are helping researchers find ways to better protect dolphins and whales in the wild.

Dolphin Quest supports a variety of organizations focused on marine mammal conservation, ocean cleanup, and more. Help us support a cause today!

Dolphin Quest Get Involved