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Why We Are Different

Unlike Any Other Experience

What's the difference?

At Dolphin Quest we believe that a dolphin encounter should be the beginning of a love affair with one of the earth’s most amazing creatures.

We make certain each guest and dolphin have the time and space to connect in an environment that is safe and comfortable.

Our group sizes average between five to six people, keeping your dolphin experience intimate and personable.

Our dolphin encounters are unscripted and organic, which allows the guest and dolphin to connect on a deeper level, where both leave feeling great about their experience.

At Dolphin Quest, we aren’t like other dolphin experiences. Instead, we take you on a journey of discovery, emotion, and connection that will make you feel like this was time well spent.

The following differentiators are features that set Dolphin Quest apart from other companies and experiences. We invite you to come experience each of these Dolphin Quest differentiators by visiting us today!