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General Video Information

Video Availability

  • Dolphin Quest Hawaii on the Big Island of Hawaii is the only Dolphin Quest location that offers video filming of all programs.
  • Dolphin Quest facilities on Oahu and Bermuda do not offer video filming of their programs at this time.
  • Non-participating guests and family members are welcome to film you during your program from the spectator side of the ropes and railings.

Video Specifications

  • Videos are only available at the Dolphin Quest facility on the Big Island of Hawaii.
  • Dolphin Quest videographers can film your encounter using GoPro cameras.
  • Video is taken both above and below water when appropriate.
  • Videos are provided to you via electronic download to your computer, tablet, or phone, within 24 hours of your encounter.
  • Or, you can receive your encounter video on DVD or jump drive for a small additional charge.
  • To secure the video product, you should pre-purchase and reserve your video online during the encounter reservation process.
  • These videos are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Please be advised that other guests in your encounter will also appear in your video.

Video Pricing

  • Videos must be reserved and purchased during the encounter reservation process or onsite when checking in for your encounter.
  • Refer to the flyer below for video pricing information: