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Get to know the dolphins and animals that reside at Dolphin Quest locations and the trainers who care for them on a daily basis.

Dolphin Spotlights | visit the Dolphin Spotlight Archive

Get to know the dolphins who reside at our Dolphin Quest locations. Meet Hali’a from Dolphin Quest Hawaii!

Animal Spotlights | visit the Animal Spotlight Archive

Our Dolphin Quest locations are also home to other animals learn more about them. Meet Pablo a painted turtle from Dolphin Quest Hawaii.

Trainer Spotlights | visit the Trainer Spotlight Archive

Dolphin trainers are an important part of the Dolphin Quest team guiding guests through their interaction programs, and training and caring for our dolphins on a daily basis. Get to know our dolphin trainers and learn more about their job at our Dolphin Quest locations.

spot_dqbcheryl.sm0415 Meet Cheryl from Dolphin Quest Bermuda.