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Dolphin Quest prides itself on the quality of our dolphin encounters, animal care, customer service, educational content, photo and retail products, and guest satisfaction.

One of the best methods to understand how guests feel about taking part in a Dolphin Quest encounter is to ask them on camera right after they get out of the water. Watch the video and read our reviews below to find out what our guests had to say!

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Big Island – Hawaii Oahu – Hawaii Bermuda

Dolphin Quest Hawaii

We just returned from our stay at the Hilton Waikoloa Village on the Big Island. Imagine our surprise when we got to our room – one of the “Dolphin Cabana” rooms in the Lagoon Tower and realized we were just steps away from the Dolphin Lagoon! I can’t tell you how many times we would quickly walk over to watch the dolphins swim and play. The highlight, of course, was our dolphin swim! The trainer, Christine, was wonderful and taught us a lot about the dolphins. Their bright intelligent eyes were mesmerizing and we couldn’t stop petting them. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience that I highly recommend to all. Thanks again for the great experience and all the work and education that Dolphin Quest does as an organization to protect and promote these amazing creatures.

Craig, Bridget, and Connor R.

We did two experiences, the dolphin encounter for my husband and 5 year old and a separate event for myself and my 2 year old. They were both great! Lots of time in the water with the dolphins, knowledgeable trainers to answer questions. Facility is spotless, trainers seem to love their job and dolphins were playful and so much fun to be with. Great experience.

Cassandra R.

Dolphin Quest Oahu

I will tell you that program is the perfect tool for teaching the present and future generations of humans about the diverse life forms in our fragile planet. It also teaches us about the importance of the preservation of all life forms in our beautiful world.

Leo G.

Such a fantastic experience, we had such a blast. The trainers were great and the dolphins were amazing. Super well behaved and playful.

Ian R.

Intimate, small group of 5. Each of us had one on one time with two different dolphins. The dolphins swim in the open ocean and are trained to come into the inner natural pools in the sanctuary. They are well cared for. It is not an open ocean encounter, with tons of tourist around and hit or miss sighting of dolphins. It is guaranteed one on one time with well cared for free to roam dolphins. Well worth the prices for the time and attention you are given and I know my money is going to a sanctuary that really cares for the dolphins.

Lynnette B.

Dolphin Quest Bermuda

Second time we have gone to Dockyard to play with the dolphins. The trainers are incredible and the animal magnificent. Great family experience with wonderful photos to capture the memories.

Sarah K.

We had such a great experience swimming and interacting with the dolphins at dolphin quest. We opted for a private group experience with only 4 in our party and 2 dolphins. This was an early morning before they officially opened and I can honestly say it was worth it. We had the full attention of the trainers, the photographer and the dolphins. Highly recommend.

Dan O.

This was by far my most favorite part of my trip to Bermuda! Everyone was so nice and the dolphins were so amazing! They are very well taken care of and everyone that works there definitely have the dolphins best interest in mind at all times!

Amanda M.