Photo Information

General Information

      • Dolphin Quest has a staff of talented photographers who will be taking a wide variety of photos of you and the dolphins throughout your program.
      • Non-participants are welcome to use cameras and video cameras in the designated viewing areas.
      • You can view and order your encounter photos on-site immediately following your encounter using one of our Dolphin Quest Photo ordering stations.
      • Photos will be available in print and/or digital format which you can download to your smartphone or computer once purchased. You then can immediately post your photos onto social media and/or e-mail them to friends and family!
      • If you are unable to purchase your photos on-site, we will keep your encounter photos online for 14 days from your program date.

Buy Photos

Dolphin Quest Photo Pricing

  • Encounter photo prices are the same at all of our Dolphin Quest locations.
  • Encounter photo prices are lower if you purchase them on-site immediately following your encounter as compared to purchasing them later online.
  • Refer to the charts below for photo package pricing options:



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