Photo Information

Photo Information

Photo Availability

  • Dolphin Quest’s photographers will be taking posed and candid photos throughout your program.
  • Your program photos are available for pre-order or as a post-program purchase.
  • You can view and order your encounter photos on-site immediately following your program using one of our Dolphin Quest photo ordering stations.
  • Someone with you who is not doing the program may take pictures or video your interaction from the spectator side of the ropes and railings.

Photo Specifications

  • Photos will be available in print and/or digital format which you can download to your smartphone or computer once purchased.
  • You then can immediately post your photos onto social media and/or e-mail them to friends and family.
  • Pre-order pick up, viewing, and post-program photo orders is available onsite at Dolphin Quest.
  • Your program photos are available for purchase onsite at Dolphin Quest up to 5 days after your program during operating hours daily.
  • If you are unable to purchase your photos directly from Dolphin Quest while onsite, on-line photo ordering will be available for 14 days from your program date.  

Buy Photos

Photo Pricing

  • Encounter photo prices are the same at all our Dolphin Quest locations.
  • Encounter photo prices are lower if you purchase them on-site immediately following your encounter as compared to purchasing them later online.
  • Refer to the charts below for photo package pricing options: