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Oahu Exclusive Virtual Encounter

Due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions, we are offering this customized live streaming video encounter to virtually interact with our dolphins from the comfort and safety of your home. Add-on options include a live dolphin painting and additional virtual access links for friends or families separated due to COVID-19 to share this virtual visit.

Quick Details

Clock Total duration: 30 minutes

Dolphin Time with dolphins: 20 minutes

User Ages: All

Users Group size: Varies

Water Water depth: N/A

Join us! Support us! Be Inspired, Make a Difference!

While our onsite programs are suspended due to COVID-19, your paid participation helps support our Mission: to provide extraordinary care for our animals, virtual education programs for homebound students, and support for critical marine scientific studies and conservation.

Exclusive Virtual Encounter Program Information

  • 20 minutes with the dolphins.
  • Exclusive program customized for your group only.
  • Meet our dolphins up close and personal from Dolphin Quest Oahu
  • Discover our dolphins’ personalities, hear their wide range of vocalizations, and see some amazing, high-energy behaviors.
  • Learn about conservation and what you can do to help animals in the wild.
  • Allows for verbal interaction between your group and our marine mammal specialist.
  • Upgrade your encounter to include a live dolphin painting session where you pick your colors, and our dolphin artists create your 8”x10” canvas painting live, while you watch and cheer them on, which is mailed to you after your encounter.
  • Will send an encounter link for a single device for your group to join.
  • Additional virtual access points for friends and family members socially distancing available for $50 each
  • Technical requirements include strong internet/cellular connection and Zoom Meeting capability from phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Please review our Terms & Conditions prior to booking a dolphin encounter.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Please let us know, so we can find a program or time that works. Call (808)739-8918.

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