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Junior Apprentice Program

Start Your Career Early

** We are currently not accepting applications – please check back in September 2021 for updated information and program dates**


Dolphin Quest Bermuda’s Junior Apprentice Program is designed to inspire students to pursue a career within the marine mammal field. Participants will work directly with our staff and will be assisting with all aspects of daily operations at a dolphin interaction facility. Space within this program is limited.


Dolphin Quest Junior Apprentice Program Description


This opportunity is available to local Bermudian students, ages 12-17.

The candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • A positive attitude and approach to daily operations
  • A strong willingness to learn
  • Good academic record
  • An interest in pursuing a position within the marine mammal field
  • The ability to contribute to a team atmosphere
  • Reliable transportation to and from the DQ facility
  • Obtain written permission from parent or guardian
  • Obtain one letter of recommendation
  • Able to attend orientation with parent or guardian
  • Comfortable in deep water
  • Willing to work outside year-round


Dolphin Quest’s Junior Apprentice program is a hands-on learning experience, where participants work alongside the Dolphin Quest Bermuda Crew. Junior Apprentices spend time learning all aspects of the Dolphin Quest workplace that may include, but is not limited to, items listed below.

  • Learning and applying Dolphin Quest values* (see below)
  • Animal identification
  • Dolphin and program observation
  • Fish bucket preparation
  • Vitamin fish preparation
  • Note taking
  • Record keeping
  • Guest services interaction, including wet-suiting and life-jacketing guests
  • Fish room cleanup
  • Interaction with guests
  • Preparation of masks and toys
  • Facility maintenance and care
  • Provide assistance to trainers
  • Assist with other departments

The duties of the individual apprentice will vary based on the effort put forth and their individual learning curve. They will also learn how to work and succeed in a professional environment. Apprentices may be invited to take part in field trips and lectures organized by the intern coordinator.

*Dolphin Quest places a high priority on actualizing our core values:

  • Character and integrity
  • Open communication
  • Outside-the-box thinking and creativity
  • Loyalty and dedication
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Lots of fun and enjoyment
  • Animal health and well-being
  • Conservation and global stewardship
  • Excellence and professionalism
  • Sensational service


Dolphin Quest Bermuda, located in the National Museum of Bermuda in Dockyard.

Application and Deadline

  • Completed applications can be submitted to the Junior Apprentice Coordinator, by e-mail or fax please see application for this information
  • Correspondence in regards to this program is expected to take part between the applicants and supervisors. Parents are encouraged to mentor their children in this role
  • Please note that participation in the program does not guarantee space in the following year’s program. Students must reapply for subsequent years

Download the application in PDF format

If sending electronically, please download file, rename the file using your full name and save to your computer before sending.