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Hawaii Heroes Initiative

Nominate and help sponsor Hawaii’s Heroes!  

We all want to show our heartfelt appreciation for those who have worked tirelessly to provide essential goods and services during these unprecedented times. As we have learned from hosting Make-A-Wish children over many years, experiencing some much-needed joy and fun by connecting with nature and animals has many benefits, especially in times of stress.

Dolphin Quest, with help from the community will provide FREE newly designed COVID-19 safe dolphin-interactive experiences to Hawaii’s Heroes through this initiative.  Nominate and help sponsor a local hero by contributing (any amount you can give) to the Hawaii’s Heroes Fund and telling us their story.  Dolphin Quest will match your contribution to make your dollar go twice as far!  This initiative is designed to show Hawaii’s Heroes how we’ve come together as a community to honor their service.

Initiative details:  

  • Selected Hawaii’s Heroes will receive a complimentary, dolphin-interactive experience at Dolphin Quest
  • Dolphin Quest will cover 50% of regular rates for all programs through this initiative, the other 50% will come from the Hawaii’s Heroes Fund
  • BONUS: Dolphin Quest will donate all digital photos from each hero program ($155 value)
  • ALSO: Dolphin Quest Oahu will cover parking for up to 4 hours for 2 vehicles ($146 value)
  • 100% of sponsorship contributions will go directly toward sponsoring Hawaii’s Heroes through this initiative

Members, organizations and individuals can help tremendously by passing along information about this program to everyone they know, being sure to ask them to also pass it along so the word will spread exponentially.

If requested, we are happy to provide a letter matching letter for those wishing to contribute grant funds.  While contributions are not tax deductible, as a heartfelt thank you, sponsors will receive a link to a gallery of our favorite dolphin images from Dolphin Quest locations. They will be available to download for your personal use including sharing on social media, using as a Zoom backdrop or electronic wallpaper or printing on keepsake items such as shirts and home display canvases.

For more information please write to:  [email protected]

Together can make a difference. Let’s give thanks to Hawaii’s Heroes!