Hawaiian Animals

A tropical archipelago of eight major islands, Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States in 1959. The largest Hawaiian island, called the Big Island, is located 2,840 miles (4,570 km) southwest from Los Angeles, California. The Big Island has 4,028 sq. miles (10,431 sq. km) of land, although surface area is continually being added by lava flows from its active volcano. The island of Oahu has 597 sq. miles (1,546 sq. km) of land. More than 6 million people a year visit the Aloha state for its beaches, water sports, and to enjoy the natural beauty of the islands. Ecologists estimate that 95% of this island’s flowering plants and 97% of its land animals exist nowhere else on Earth. In the ocean off Hawaii, extensive coral reefs support one of the most diverse and unique collection of animals found worldwide.

Animals Seen At Dolphin Quest Hawaii

animalfacts-dqhgirls      Common Bottlenose Dolphins

Other Animals
Dolphin Quest Hawaii is home to a few other animals than dolphins that can be found inside the Encounter Club at Dolphin Quest Village.

  • Western Painted Turtles
    • Western painted turtles are called painted turtles because of their brightly colored lower shell. Out of four species of painted turtles, the Western painted turtles are the largest and have the most intricate patterns on their bottom shell.
    • Western painted turtles are found in wetland areas including freshwater ponds, lakes, marshes, creeks and rivers. They are very common and widely spread throughout the Pacific Northwest; they are not native nor found in Hawaii.

Animals Seen At Dolphin Quest Oahu


animalfacts-dqhdolphin      Common Bottlenose Dolphins

Other Animals and Fish

Dolphin Quest Oahu is home to a few other animals than dolphins that can be found in the lagoons surrounding the dolphin lagoon.

  • Brown Stingray
    • Can be found in Hawaii and Taiwan and live in shallow waters of sandy beaches, estuaries and lagoons.
  • Yellowfin Surgeonfish
    • Is one of the largest of all surgeonfish.
    • It can alter the color of their pectoral fins, which can make them look very similar to the ringtail surgeonfish.
    • The Hawaiian name for this species is pualu.
  •  Bluefin Trevally
    • Is a member of the jack family, Carangidae, which includes jacks, jack mackerel, pompano and scads.
    • Has blue-green upper body and silver sides and black spots can be found on adults.
    • These streamlined fish are fast swimmers and can exhibit aggressive behavior when feeding.
    • They are usually solitary, but may also be found in small groups in shallow coastal water.
    • The Hawaiian name for this species is omilu.
  • Pennant Butterfly Fish
    • Butterfly fish are found in tropical Indo-Pacific seas in a small area of coral reefs at depths of less than 66 feet (20 meters).
    • This fish often schools and may serve as a cleaner to other fishes, but feeds primarily on zooplankton. It can grow up to eight inches.

Animals seen in the Hawaiian Islands


Humpback Whales

  • Humpback whales are one of 13 species of baleen whales, suborder Mysticeti.
  • Humpback whales are known for their acrobatic breaches, melodious mating songs and long graceful pectoral flippers.
  • Humpback whales range in length between 52-56 feet (4-4.6 m) and weigh 90,000 pounds (40, 000 kg) at maturity.
  • Humpback whales can be seen right off the Kona Coast between December and March. A well-known humpback migration route is between the Hawaiian Islands and Alaska.
Spinner Dolphins

  • Spinner dolphins are named for their unique ability of leaping high above the ocean surface and spinning.
  • A single leap can involve as many as four revolutions.
  • Spinner dolphins generally grow from 4 to 7 feet in length and weigh between 100 and 165 pounds.
  • Spinners spend their daylight hours in coastal waters, generally in calm bays. They use these areas to rest, care for their young, and to avoid predators, before traveling to deeper water at night to hunt for food.


Sea Turtles

  • Honu is the Hawaiian word for sea turtle.
  • Green sea turtles can weigh up to 440 pounds (200 kg) and grow up to 4 feet (1.2 m).
  • The most abundant sea turtle in the Hawaiian Islands, the green sea turtle is named for the green colored fat inside its body.
  • The green sea turtle nests in over 60 countries around the globe.
  • The green sea turtle is an endangered species worldwide.
  • The State of Hawaii and the U.S. Endangered Species Act protect all sea turtles in Hawaii.
Hawaiian Monk Seal

  • The adult Hawaiian monk seal is about 7 feet (2.1 m) long and weighs 396 to 594 pounds (180-270 kg).
  • Its name may come from the folds of skin around its neck that resemble a monk’s cowl, giving it a “Friar Tuck” appearance. In addition, it could come from the mostly solitary life that these seals lead, like monks at a monastery.
  • The Hawaiian monk seal is one of the most endangered marine mammals in the world.