Marine Conservation Tour

This behind-the-scenes tour will allow you to learn more about Dolphin Quest, our dolphins, and maritime preservation!

Quick Details

Clock Total duration: 2 hours

Dolphin Time with dolphins: 5 minutes

User Ages: 8 and up

Users Group size: 6-10 people max

Water  Water depth: Dry Dock

Marine Conservation Program Information

  • Our Marine Mammal Specialists give you a 20-minute guided tour behind the scenes at Dolphin Quest.
  • Learn more about how we train our dolphins while using positive reinforcement and how Dolphin Quest supports vital marine research.
  • Explore our fish kitchen and learn about the dietary needs and food preparation duties involved in animal care.
  • Visit the Dolphin Quest medical lab to see how we ensure animal wellness.
  • Watch the dolphins interact and socialize with each other and our guests and learn about the various behaviors they demonstrate.
  • Includes a five-minute dolphin touch at the end – but YOU STAY DRY!
  • The rest of your time provides you with the opportunity to explore five centuries of maritime and cultural history in a 90-minute self-guided tour of a 200-year-old fort, home to the National Museum of Bermuda.
  • Offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday, November 1, 2017 – April 31, 2018.

Also Included

  • Free museum admission – Includes free FULL-DAY admission to the renowned National Museum of Bermuda where you can experience exciting exhibits, including Shipwreck Island, The Warwick Project, Bermuda’s Defense Heritage, Hall of History, The Playground and Playhouse for children.

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